Girls Night Out 2011
Thank you to Beth Rishel of Indigo Moon Amber Sun
Therapeutic Massage for the use of her new studio.  
What a fabulous place to hold Girls Night Out.
Thank you Beth Rishel and Kathy for the massages.
Thank you Judy Polidor (Polidori Cosmetics) for our mini makeovers.
Thank you Mary Iden for your creative jewelry making and supplies.
Thank you Allie Buchman (Potomac Bead Company) for supplies and tools.
Thank you Sandy Wetzel for the MICHE bag and doing the raffle.
Thank you Barb Haeckler for nail polish (Tonya became ill and unable to attend).
Thank you to everyone who attended and had fun!

Check out the photos:
Beth and Kathy, massage therapists
After a massage
Getting a mini makeover from Judy
Artist at work
Jewelry making with Mary
Hard at work
MICHE bag raffle by Sandy
Sara doing nails
Refreshments and conversation
Refreshments and conversation