MS Tour de Shore
June 10-11, 2006
Salisbury, Maryland
In my second year riding MS  Bike, I rode with Team Lamberts, a fun group with a non-riding
captain Gordo who had MS (he has since joined my brother Gary in heaven).

I did my first century that year, 100 miles the first day and 50 miles the second day.  

It was the first year I raised $10,000.  I was invited to the MS Tour of Champions, and took Lee with
me.  Lee and I met 3 months after MS Bike while I was riding the Civil War Century with 3 of my MS
Bike teammates.
Gail leading out the MS Bike
teammates on day 1
Waiting for MS Bike to start
Tour of Champions with our other
Maryland top fundraisers.  
So much fun.