MS Tour de Vine Double Century
Charlottesville, Virginia
June 9 and 10, 2012
Rest stop Day 1
Top 2 fundraisers, Dale and Gail
Finish Line Day 2
Rest stop Day 2
Rest stop Day 1
VIP fundraiser jersey
Finish Line Day 1
Finish Line Day 2
VIP fundraiser jersey
Top fundraisers with Gail currently # 1
Celebrating #1 with gifts from Dale
Proper hydration & recovery after 200 miles
Thank you Whole Foods
After training for and doing Mountains of Misery, a challenging century in May 2012, we were up to
challenge of doing a double century.  It was a hot 100 miles each day on back to back days.  

It was hot and it was hilly and we were challenged.  It was also a reminder that the pain
sustained was only temporary, and that living with MS is not temporary.